Wednesday, 16 January 2013

30 Sex and Relationships Questions

At the end of lesson we often give the students a chance to ask us any question anonymously by writing them down on a piece of paper, handing them in and then we shuffle them up and answer them all. Here is a collection of some of the most interesting, thought provoking and humorous i have collected over the last few 3 years. I am sharing them today to give a window into the curiosity of young people. Their genuine search for knowledge and sometimes the scary stuff they believe. Some are intentionally funny, others bizarre and some I find sad.

  1. Is it easy to see if someone has genital warts, herpes and lice?
  2. Why do girlfriends and boyfriends argue?
  3. Is it better for a girl to put a condom on a lad?
  4. When you are in labor does your vagina split so it can come out?
  5. How to give a girl more pleasure?
  6. Can you catch an STI from tasting cum?
  7. Do you have to be on your period to get pregnant?
  8. Isn't it awkward when you first have sex because you have never done it before?
  9. What is a MILF? and What is a doosh bag?
  10. Can you burn your mouth if you have oral sex with someone who has ginger pubes?
  11. What is a clitoris and what does it do?
  12. Can you run out of sperm if you wank too much?
  13. What is a dildo for and how do you use it?
  14. Can you never hit puberty?
  15. What is an orgasm?
  16. What happens when you get an abortion? What do they do?
  17. What's a rim job?
  18. If you go to a clinic underage do you get told off?
  19. Can you get glow in the dark condoms?
  20. What can you do legally?
  21. Can you get a girl pregnant from pre-cum?
  22. Wouldn't it be awkward to ask if the girl if they have an STI? You cant exactly force them to take a test!
  23. Why do boys masturbate?
  24. Does everyone get rounded and curvy?
  25. Why do people say on your first time of having sex you bleed? Is that true?
  26. What is the most important thing about having a good relationship?
  27. On average how much does a male/female masturbate a week?
  28. Do you think HIV could be cured in the future?
  29. Can you  set an STI through oral ear sex?
  30. What is the strangest question you've ever been asked?
Has any one else had some interesting questions? Which of the above questions do you think is most interesting? Shall I post more?

Monday, 14 January 2013

Sex and Relationship Education across the sexuality spectrum

Today I read this article by Louise Tickle "Does Sex Education exclude young gay people?" Personally in my work I have always tried to be gender and sexuality neutral in all my lessons. I always use the term "partners" or using the full phrase "a boyfriend or girlfriend" in every sentence to any gender student. But sometimes I still find myself falling into hetronormative language. It is not a choice but an unconscious accident. 

For example I had a interesting situation doing a condom demonstration in a school with a girl constantly talking over me (which I find so annoying). 

I asked " Please listen for a few minutes then you could speak with your friends."  
She replied. "But I don't need to know this" 
I replied "you never know what might happen in the future and it both a male and a females shared responsibility to know how to minimize risks" 
"But I don't need to know this" 
I plowed on "it is good to be prepared with information, even if you never plan on using a condom during sex" 
"But I don't need to know this because I'm a lesbian "

I felt like a fool, plowing on, insisting it was relevant and she was just trying to get out of trouble for talking over me. I suspect I'm not the only person who has made similar gaffs. But it highlights how easily people can get caught being insensitive on the topic of sex. In this situation once we had the class going on the condom applications I went over and talked through dental dams in more details for her. I wanted to make sure she was still getting the key information about minimizing STI risks. 

This incident also raises another connected issue. I wish schools would give us more time to cover dental dams for cunnilingus and analingus, especially for those young gay people. Sadly teachers have actively asked me not to go into the details of dental dams. As the think it is too explicit!? but condoms application is very much wanted?. This doesn't seem fair or right. I believe that current sexual trends will encourage more young people, of all sexualities, to experiment with cunnilingus and analingus. I think we need to make room for dental dam in the SRE curriculum. But with the SRE curriculum being squeezed on all sides how can we include it without missing something else out?

P.S. My offline work has been so busy I have not posted for some time. One of my new year aims is to make this a higher priority. Hopefully this will mean more post about more topics.